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To ensure the up-most quality, all of our products are seasonal so please contact us to find out what is available.

 Grass fed hogget and new season lamb 

Our succulent grass fed hogget and new season lamb is reared slowly and finished on lush pasture alone - creating a delicious, tasty meat. Our rare breed lambs are reared for longer than most conventional flocks and you can taste the extra time spent running in our fields.

Born and reared on Emily's Farm, our lambs are free to roam over nearly 150 acres of permanent pasture - nibbling on wild herbs and grasses to create wonderful, tasty lamb with a complex, delicious flavour.

We are currently taking orders for hogget. 

Half lamb boxes- £75 inc free recipe cards
(additional delivery charges will apply)

Available as half lamb boxes, hogget is produced from lambs over 1 years old and has a greater depth of flavour whilst retaining the tender succulence.

Please contact us for more information and to place an order. 

The box will contain a variety of cuts that will easily fit in 2 shelves of a freezer and that are suitable for a range of cooking styles.

Half a lamb is a great way to not only save loads on the cuts you usually buy, but also a way of trying new joints using our delicious recipes- that are included free of charge!


At special request we can supply whole hoggets that are superb if spit roasted over hot charcoal- ideal for warm sumer weather and far more impressive than a barbeque!

 High welfare English Rose Veal

As a dairy farmer's daughter, Emily was only too aware of the issues related to unwanted dairy bred calves. Our high welfare English Rose Veal is a far cry from the imagery that some still associate with continental veal. The calves live in bright, airy, open straw yards and are allowed to play and live naturally as calves should. 

Fed on their mothers milk and a natural forage diet, our English Rose Veal is darker and tastier than the pale continental veal yet still tender and succulent. The meat is delicious cooked slowly or flashed quickly in a pan and we provide cuts to suite a whole range of dishes. 

Rose Veal really is a delicacy that is morally right to eat. 

Our Rose Veal takes over 6 months to produce so please keep an eye on our online store to see if it is available.

 Grass fed native beef and outdoor reared pork 

We also rear a few native bred beef animals and pigs. We keep our beef cattle when there is plenty of grass available at our farm and like our lambs, they develop a rich, sweet flavour that is unsurpassed. Aged for 30 days, and from the superior native British breeds of cattle, our beef really is something special. There is often beef available so please get in touch.

Likewise, our outdoor reared pigs live in our orchards - getting fat on the apples that fall from the trees. We are very fond of our pigs so rear them slowly and encourage them root and forage in the soil. But they do make a mess, so we can only keep them when the ground allows. Their delicious, apple seasoned pork really is worth waiting for so please contact us to find out about availability.   

Please contact us at with any questions and we will do all we can to help.