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Based in the heart of the beautiful Brecon Beacons, Emily's farm is run by two young farmers (and a couple of dogs!) that love farming and have a passion for good food. 

We control every element of our production - there is no compromise in order to produce the highest quality of meat.


We farm the happiest animals, feed the best food and use the best local butcher. Our animals only go to our local abattoir and all of our meat can be traced from birth.

We farm nearly 150 acres of species-rich, permanent pasture that is not only a 
beautiful haven for wildlife, but crucially full of flavour-enhancing herbs and grasses. 

This is the perfect food for our native breed cattle and Wiltshire Horn and Black Welsh Mountain sheep to graze to produce succulent, flavourful beef, new season lamb, hogget and mutton.


Our high welfare English Rose Veal is produced at Emily's family dairy farm. Here the calves are born and cared for to our strict standards until they are 6 months old and live on a diet their mother's milk and forage. We can be confident that they have been treated with the upmost care as we will have helped with their birth, milking their mothers and caring for them through out their life.

From Farm to table, you know exactly how Emily's Farm high welfare meat has been produced and can guarantee it's provenance and quality.